Call on the Wind


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David Donald

128 Pages I Paperback

Call on the Wind tells the story of Isaak and Liesa, young people growing up in a small Griqua fishing village on the Tsitsikamma coast. Isaak and Liesa struggle with their life choices and their love for one another. Does Isaak leave the villiage and become a musician, or does he feel too responsible for the livelihood of the village? Can Liesa acknowledge her true feelings for Isaak? The backdrop to their story is that of the fate of their community, and their struggle for survival. Together with its historical truth, the characters of the community and the flavour of their interactions, this novel has an authentic and uniquely South African ring to it. David Donald has woven an exciting story of tragedy and bravery, of action and poignancy, and ultimately of a strong spirit of resilience.