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Tumi Wessie

17 Pages I Paperback

The story of Tselane and the Giant is about a little girl who lived with her mother in a village near the forest. Tselane’s mother worked in the fields and would come back home during the day to give Tselane lunch. Although they were happy, they were soon to be confronted with a problem: deep in the dark forest lived an evil giant who liked killing and eating little girls. Tselane and her mother lived in fear and every time the mother left to work in the fields, Tselane would lock herself inside the house. She would only open the door when her mother sang her a song, which was their magic password.  However, it was not long before the evil Giant found out about Tselane and her mother’s magic password, tricked Tselane, and kidnapped her with the help of a clever rabbit.

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